Remember Fremont

Never forget. Stand and Be Counted.

Who We Are

Welcome to Remember Fremont, the successor to Save Fremont at, which came into existence because of the reconstitution effort at John C. Fremont High School, LAUSD, December 2009-June 2010.

My name is Chuck Olynyk and I am a survivor of the Mont, a sixteen year veteran of that high school. I've taught social studies, using living history in the classroom, for 27 years. During the reconstitution process, I, along with my colleagues, blogged frequently on what Fremont was experiencing, providing a running commentary on what our school was undergoing, what the faculty, staff, students and community were experiencing.

Here, the goal will be to carry the news and discussions on attempts to improve troubled schools, the models proposed--and the human costs of these efforts. I want this to serve as a clearing house for information on reconstitution, a gathering place to discuss what is happening in the attempts to fix our troubled schools, a meeting of minds on the state of public education.